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[IP] 5 pumps in 4 years

> I have been on pumps for 4 years.
> I have been on the H-tron, D-tron, Minimed 508, and the Paradigm, I
> use the D-tron currently and am trying to get a Deltec Cosmo pump.  I
> am disgruntled with the insurance industry right now and the racket that
> is going on with doctors.

hmmmm - I'll bet the insurance companies think there's a scam going here as
well. How does one get a 5th kind of pump in 4 years? I used my second pump
for 9 years and it was still operating when that company quit the pump
business. I could no longer get supplies so went with the MiniMed 506, which
I used 6 years. My current one will be 4 years old in March. These things
aren't cheap and using a different kind as often as stated above has to co$t
somebody something.

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