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[IP] Virus Advisory

As an Administrator for IP, and also personally as a member of the 
list, I have received some emails that have had a virus attached to 
them.  These all had "travel" as part of their ploy, but that CAN 
change.  They are apparently coming from a member of the list who, 
more than likely, will also have YOUR address in their system.  We 
want to advise everyone to be careful about any email that has any 
attachment sent with it.  As always, NEVER open any attachment 
without confirming that it is not a virus.  That DOESN'T mean if you 
know the person, it is not a Virus.  CONFIRM that the person meant to 
send you that email and that the attachment is safe.  ALWAYS have an 
Anti-Virus program running and up-to-date on your computer.   Here 
are some programs available to download as either free, trial or paid 

<A href="http://www.mcafee.com/myapps/vso/"> /McAffee Anti-Virus</A>

<A href="http://www.symantec.com/downloads/"> /Symantec Anti-Virus</A>

<A href="http://www.grisoft.com/"> /AVG Anti-Virus</A>

<A href="http://www.sophos.com/downloads/products/"> /Sophos Anti-Virus</A>

<A href="http://www.drsolomon.com/"> /Dr. Solomon Virex for Mac </A>

George Lovelace
IP Mail Administrator
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