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Re: [IP] Re: silhouetes vs. quicksets


  Our endo actually was pleased when we switched Josh from the 
Tender/Sils/Comforts and went with the MM Sof-Set and now Quick Set. (6mm)  
He said the same thing that you mentioned, the fact that the set goes 
straight in does allow for more site areas on the body and more site areas in 
any given spot.  We have virtually no scarring (we use Neosporin after each 
site change), the sites are lasting 5-7 days and we even use the QS on Josh 
outer thighs now (he is VERY skinny.

I have never understood why the Tenders/Sils/Comforts style sets were so 
highly recommended.  They should not be recommended for small children.  
Their needle size are so daunting for the kids and the angle needs to be just 
right, especially for the skinnier ones.

Anyway, we LOVE the QS sets.  Just wish they had another style of connection. 
 The ring style really is a poor design.  I wish we could combine the Dis 
Ultraflex with the MM QS.  Dis doesn't believe in providing the smaller 
canula down to 6mm (per quote from our own area rep-they don't feel the 
smaller size is really necessary!)  I like the quick snap on snap off 
connection of the Dis sets but I LOVE the inserter devices and the 6mm canula 
length is what works for Josh.  Tried 8mm Ultraflex 4 times and each time it 
did not work!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua
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