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Re: [IP] Re: silhouetes vs. quicksets

Where can I read a comprehensive account of the advantages and disadvantages
of the various cannulas for the Minimed Paradigm, I can see that there are
differences but don't understand how to choose amongst them. Thank you.

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> I use silhouettes but lately I've been thinking that I might consider
quicksets.  I haven't had any problems w/silhouettes, but think that since
they go in more horizontally they dammage more tissue and leave a larger
area where I can't put another set for a while.  I figure since quicksets go
straight in, in the long term they might give me less problems with scar
> Is this a valid assumption?
> Why are the silhouettes so strongly recommended for thin people and
children as opposed to the 6mm quicksets?
> I measured the canula of a silhouete and found it to be 20mm.  I figure
only 1.5mm go under my skin.  If I put it in at a 30 degree angle as I was
told, that makes it 7.5mm deep (and its probably much deeper b/c I feel like
they're not sharp enough to get in easily, when I try to make them that
> This means that if I used the 6mm quicksets they would actually be less
deep than silhouettes.  Would they maybe kink more easily if they were near
muscle since they're at 90 degrees?
> Thanks for any help or advice.
> Marianne
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