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Hi James! We sound a lot alike when it comes to this diabetic crap! LOL.  I've
been on insulin since age 13 and have never persued an insulin pump till now.
After all these years the affects of diabetes are finally catching up with me.
I think we're, Tammie and me, are about to aquire a 508. My hopes are that
with the steady flow of insulin and sugar control will give me a constant
feeling of wellness. On insulin, as you probably know, we only feel that way a
few hours a day and I'm also interested in knowing if any of the damage that I
have sustained so far might regress, such as circulation, nerve damage and I
also have a little damage in my right eye. What about the sets??? does the
pump seem to get in your way doing certain things? Just some thoughts, Hayward
and tammie???
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  James Warden <email @ redacted>

  I have been a diabetic for 28 years.  I have been on pumps for 4 years.
  I have been on the H-tron, D-tron, Minimed 508, and the Paradigm, I
  use the D-tron currently and am trying to get a Deltec Cosmo pump.  I
  am disgruntled with the insurance industry right now and the racket that
  is going on with doctors.  I enjoy the pump.  It beats 5 shots a day.
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