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[IP] (IP) I finally have figured out this exercise thing, yayyyyyy

After 20 years of being diabetic OMG I have finally figured out how my body
reacts to exercise!!!! YAYYYYYYYY. My body is weird, surprise surprise, I
have to drop my basil rates AFTER exercising, no wonder what the docs always
told me to do didn't work and I always say scary high numbers! Before
exercise I was 130(I did take some correction bolus) then after 1/2 hr of
weights, bs was 135, I was like huh? Anyway,  I did not take any insulin for
this, I was going to cut my basils while exercising, but I goofed and didn't
start the temp basil, good thing I didn't. Any way, I then was on the
treadmill for 1/2 hr, checked after and I was down to 110, cool. Then hubby
and I went  to the driving range and he proceeded to try to teach my how to
golf lol, well, then my bs was 75, so I ate 10 carbs and cut my basil
to -10% for 2 hrs, I just tested and I am at 84.
Well, thanks to you wonderfull pumpin diabetic exercisin people, I finally
figured it out!! My need for sugar rises AFTER excercise. This is the FIRST
time I have exercised and not either gone sky high or bottomed out and awoke
to paramedics! Thank-you thank-you thank-you thank-you!!
Tami in Tucson
pumpin since Nov1/02
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