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[IP] Re: silhouetes vs. quicksets

I use silhouettes but lately I've been thinking that I might consider quicksets.  I haven't had any problems w/silhouettes, but think that since they go in more horizontally they dammage more tissue and leave a larger area where I can't put another set for a while.  I figure since quicksets go straight in, in the long term they might give me less problems with scar tissue.  
Is this a valid assumption?

Why are the silhouettes so strongly recommended for thin people and children as opposed to the 6mm quicksets?  

I measured the canula of a silhouete and found it to be 20mm.  I figure only 1.5mm go under my skin.  If I put it in at a 30 degree angle as I was told, that makes it 7.5mm deep (and its probably much deeper b/c I feel like they're not sharp enough to get in easily, when I try to make them that shallow).  

This means that if I used the 6mm quicksets they would actually be less deep than silhouettes.  Would they maybe kink more easily if they were near muscle since they're at 90 degrees?

Thanks for any help or advice.
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