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Re: [IP] insurance

> Hello, Thank you for the information. The insurance company is now
> saying that they do not want to pay the price that the supply
> companies are asking so they are trying to talk them down to a lower
> price. The insurance personnel at medtronic said that this process
> could take several weeks and may not even be approved. I may have to
> start paying for the supplies on my own and that will be costly. 

The insurance company has a contract with you. What they have to pay 
is not an issue, that's why it is called "insurance". They made a bet 
that your premiums over time would make them a profit. They bet wrong 
and now must pay. Do NOT pay out of pocket. Appeal and then, if 
necessary, file a formal complaint with your state insurance 
commissioner. The insurance company is required to live up to its 
contractual commitments as a requirement for doing business in the 
state. Don't be intimidated, bamboozled, or otherwise talked out of 
the coverage which you have paid for.

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