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hi kathie,

insurance companies frequently resort to the basic ADA recommendation of 
checking BG 4x/day, but that recommendation can and should be overridden by 
the doctor when appropriate.

my endo wrote an RX  for 200 strips & to check "at least 8x/day" and the 
insurance company had the pharmacist change it to read i was to check 
"8x/day."  that would technically limit their exposure in case i sought to 
refill more often than every 25 days.  so far, i haven't complained although 
i think eventually i will.

i recommend that you have the endo give you as large an RX as possible and to 
have his/her recommendation concerning frequency written out to give you as 
much latitude as possible.  after alll, suppose you were ill with the flu.  
you would have to check much more frequently then normal.

best of luck,

tom from nj
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