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[IP] Fwd: Effects of Davis' Proposed Cuts in Diabetic Services

More from my friend at CalOPTIMA, now a civil servant in L.A.

Begin forwarded message:

> and, of course, Davis is also proposing to cut the California 
> supplement to SSI by $49 per month for individuals, leaving them $709 
> maximum on which to pay rent and utilities, buy food and clothing, 
> purchase transportation and, now, buy diabetic supplies!
> San Jose Mercury News Examines Effects of Davis' Proposed Cuts in 
> Diabetic Services
> 01/17/2003
> The San Jose Mercury News today examines reductions in care for people 
> with diabetes that Gov. Gray Davis (D) has offered as part of his 
> proposed $3 billion in cuts to Medi-Cal. Davis has proposed that the 
> state halt its funding for test strips used by diabetics to test their 
> blood sugar, syringes to inject insulin and visits to podiatrists and 
> dentists. The state's allocation for diabetic supplies -- about $65 
> million annually, mostly on test strips -- is higher than its funding 
> for any other medical supply, according to the Mercury News. Advocates 
> for people with diabetes say cuts to care "critical" for managing the 
> disease could have devastating effects on both patients and the state 
> budget. Dr. Francine Kaufman, president of the American Diabetes 
> Association, said, "We'll have more people who are disabled and more 
> people who are hospitalized. In the long run, it's going to cost 
> [California] more." State officials, however, said that they "have no 
> choice," the Mercury News reports. Stan Rosenstein of the Department 
> of Health Services said, "It's a very difficult cut. We don't have a 
> wasteful program. We just have a major budget crisis" (Kurtzman, San 
> Jose Mercury News, 1/17).

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