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Re: [IP] Tips After A Gall Bladder Removal

> Has anyone else been through this and if so, what are some of the "tricks"
> you used to help the pain ease? Sleeping last night was an impossible
> With all the gas that they pumped in my abdomin during the surgery, I look
> like The Three Tenors....and that's on a good day :)  So, any tips or
> tricks?

i'm not gonna be much help in this matter, but i had mine out 5 or 6 years
ago (was it really that long ago? wow), and for the most part i had a blast.
i burped away for a couple days, and then started getting things back to
normal.  i did find that i got really nauseous much easier for a month or so
after, which wasn't helped by me having to take the bus all the way across
the city to get to college (2 buses, *long* trip).  a lot of the time i just
had to play it by ear.  when body said rest, i rested.

i still occasionally have that same pain - often if i've had a really high
fat meal.  it's not been too frequent, so i haven't worried about it.

all this was pre-dx, so i have no clue how my body would react to it now
that i'm a proud type 1. :)

liz - in the frigid capital city, where it's currently -23Celcius.  ow!
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