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Re: [IP] insurance - limit 4 strips a day

>My husband found out from a coworker with type 1 diabetes on an insulin
>that their insurance company will be limiting test strips to four a day.  I
>currently have a prescription on file for 9 a day.  Can they make such
>when the prescription.  states that I test 9 times a day and therefore my
>three month supply is for 900 strips? This is something new this year.


We must remember that just because an insurance company doesn't COVER 9 a
day doesn't mean you can't GET 9 a day.  They aren't stopping you from
getting your prescription filled...they are merely limiting how much they
will cover.  Now, I'm not sure about the laws regarding that, but I guess I
don't see anything wrong with them doing that.  For example, insurance
companies put limitations on all kinds of things in terms of coverage...but
that doesn't prevent you from getting complete care.  It is more a matter of
what YOU are willing to pay for as opposed to them.

Although I'm diabetic, and have been for more than 20 years, I don't see why
it is the insurance companies must be required to pay for so much.  The more
that is expected of them, the more their costs go up, which drives up
premiums, making insurance less and less accessible and affordable in

On the other hand, I'm VERY thankful for having insurance that covers
practically everything!  :-)

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