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[IP] Re: IP] Tips After A Gall Bladder Removal

>>> Yesterday I had my gall bladder removed laproscopically. I "survived"
surgery with my pump, not any problems at all. My biggest problem now is the
soreness and pain. I'm taking Darvocet and that seems to take the edge off
of things, but moving
around...even to do necessary tasks, make me feel like all my organs are
trying to implement a fire drill through my navel!! >>>

To give anyone facing this surgery, I want to give you some hope. I had this
done 11/93 and was pumping. This is a YMMV thingy. I was kept overnight due
to the DM; it was on a Thursday. The following Monday my hugsband (55 then)
had his tonsils, adenoids, soft tissue and uvula removed. I drove to the
hospital and went the next day to bring him home. BTW, even with his
*advanced* age, he did VERY well. On Wednesday I was grocery shopping
including pushing the cart around with groceries. When I got home, I
mentioned how tired I was. Then it dawned on my that 6 days previously I had
had surgery. I'm sure I was on some pain meds but can't recall what it was.

That was 8 years ago and I hope advances have been made since then. I
certainly have learned LOTS about pumping since then. (~_^)

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