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RE: [IP] Unions Call for Changes in Smallpox Vaccine Program

Jim Handsfield wrote:
>Diabetics may be vaccinated provided they do not fall into any other
contraindication categories. 

>From the CDC site...
"People most likely to have serious side effects are: people who have had, even once, skin conditions (especially eczema or atopic dermatitis) and people with weakened immune systems..."
>email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Fwd: JDRF Research E-Newsletter #28
January 14, 2003
No. 28
"Because type 1 diabetes is thought to be caused mainly by T cells gone awry..."
I, for one, would not be rushing to get this vaccine if I had Type 1 DM. Actually, I have had it as an infant, and being a health care worker have been asked to be one of the first group in our hospital to receive it again. I told them I would rather not, primarily because I do not want to risk my daughter getting infected secondarily.
Type 1  Diabetes really falls into that "weakened immune system" category, even though it is not listed specifically in the CDC info you provided. Refer to the JDRF Research Newsletter report above... 
T cells are also very active in the skin, and having T cells not quite working correctly, causes a good number of Type 1's to suffer from various skin problems, like eczema or psoriasis.
If there is an outbreak of smallpox, we will be quarrentiened, and can be vaccinated then.


Joann, mom to Cara, 17, Type 1 since 2/97, pumping since 3/98.
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