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Re: [IP] Tips After A Gall Bladder Removal

I have had 2 c-sections (and will have the third one this year).  Anyway, I had my gallbladder removed by laproscopy on Sept. 30.  I thought it was going to be a breeze since I had already had 2 c-sections.  Well, I was wrong.  Those little incisions they made hurt because think about it......when they put the instruments in.....they had to maneuver them around.  On the good side.........the pain does go away.  Just try and take it easy.  Steph
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I had the same surgery years ago. My problem was that the anesthesia made me 
sick to my stomach. This just added to the discomfort. When that passed a 
few hours after the surgery I was also sore. My doctor explained that even 
though all you see is a few small incisions on the outside, a lot of work was 
done on the inside. It just takes time. I felt myself in about a week.

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