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Re: [IP] insurance - limit 4 strips a day

> My husband found out from a coworker with type 1 diabetes on an
> insulin pump, that their insurance company will be limiting test
> strips to four a day.  I currently have a prescription on file for 9
> a day.  Can they make such limits when the prescription.  states
> that I test 9 times a day and therefore my three month supply is for
> 900 strips? This is something new this year.

No, they can not impose such limits. I've been round and round with 
BS/BC twice in two year --- they have a 200 per month limit. Each 
time they relent as the CAN NOT PRACTICE MEDICINE. You simply have to 
make yourself a pain in the butt to them. No where in your contract 
of insurance does it say there are limitations on the number of test 
strips. They'll give you all sorts of BS, but if the doctor orders it 
and it says "test 9 times a day", they must fill the prescription. 
Appeal, the appeal again, then file a complaint with the managed 
health care unit of your state insurance commissioner's office if it 
comes to that. I just finished my last round of arguments with BS/BC 
of California over this on the 14th. 

Part of the problem is that you probably deal with a mail order 
pharmacy. They get their marching orders from the insurance company 
and have no flexibility. You must contact pharmacy services at the 
insurance co. to get it straightened out.

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