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[IP] Tips After A Gall Bladder Removal

Hi Everyone,

This is a little off topic, so I apologize in advance. Yesterday I had my 
gall bladder removed laproscopically. I "survived" surgery with my pump, not 
any problems at all. My biggest problem now is the soreness and pain. I'm 
taking Darvocet and that seems to take the edge off of things, but moving 
around...even to do necessary tasks, make me feel like all my organs are 
trying to implement a fire drill through my navel!!  I have four one inch 
cuts in my stomach that are closed with sterile strips...but man am I sore! 
Has anyone else been through this and if so, what are some of the "tricks" 
you used to help the pain ease? Sleeping last night was an impossible task. 
With all the gas that they pumped in my abdomin during the surgery, I look 
like The Three Tenors....and that's on a good day :)  So, any tips or 

Thanks a lot,

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