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Re: [IP] Adhesive Remover

     Sound advice to insert through IV 3000 first, EXCEPT for the IP mantra 
of YMMV ( which someone suggested revising to YMWV- your mileage WILL 
vary!)...My daughter used to apply Tegaderm, then her Sofset, then cover it 
with another Tegaderm....after the first year of pumping, she switched to 
Silhouettes (aka Comforts or Tenders) using NOTHING else other than the 
infusion set right out of the package....
   Nearly 6 years later, that still works fine..sets never come off, can be 
readily removed ( she even stopped using Unisolve)....
Renee (pump mom to Melissa, 20, dx'd at 9, pump 7 yrs)
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