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Re: [IP] Adhesive Remover

All this talk about adhesive remover...so I'll say this again. :-)

Do NOT apply your infusion set directly to the skin.  Instead, apply 
the IV 3000 tape to the skin first and then insert the infusion set 
THROUGH the IV 3000 tape so that the adhesive is sticking to the IV 
3000 tape and NOT your skin.  The IV 3000 tape sticks to the skin far 
better than adhesive on the infusion set (at least, with the Quickset) 
and it does NOT leave any adhesive residue when you pull it off.  When 
I started doing it this way instead of how they told me to do it, my 
sites stay much better.  Although I only go 3 days, I think I could go 
a week without the site falling off.

If you don't use the IV 3000 tape, I HIGHLY recommend getting some.  I 
know MM carries it.  Again, insert the infusion set THROUGH the IV 3000 
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