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[IP] Home Sweet Home

I stopped the mail wile I was at Tom's 60 year Party, so I am not sure if 
anybody has posted about it. I had a wonderful time, and wish to thank Tom. 
There were about 115 people there. I think most picked the Prime rib and it 
was real good. As I look out the window this morning I see another 2" of 
fresh snow. What am I doing hear. It was 75* in AZ. I believe I will become a 
snow bird. I am going to try to buy a house in AZ.             It was a treat 
to meet some new IPers. I must tell you I thought Jan looked supper and 
reported she felt good. Now Sara SP looked even better, but she hid behind me 
for a photo of the IPers. She said her dress was to revealing, I gotta tell 
you she looked fine to me!! I am headed out to shovel the driveway UGH!! Only 
5 more years to make the 60. Roger C (dx 12/1/47 pm 5/7/00) hockey puck still 
dragging behind.
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