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[IP] error in pump reading

I don't know if there is a pump problem or if Cory has somehow been hitting 
wrong buttons.  The other night I noticed that the clock was 3 hours off.  
That was messing up his basals.  Today, we were checking the amount of 
insulin he had left and noticed that the pump showed that he had taken 25 
units at 5:30 AM.  He didn't take any at 5:30 AM. so I know this was wrong.  
His 24 hour basal is only 27 units and he usually only boluses about 20 - 25 
more units per day.  That's for the entire day, not for one time.  
Is it possible that there is a pump problem? It's a MM 508.  I've never heard 
anyone talk of a pump misreading like this.
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