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Re: [IP] Endo for Adults - Baltimore - Johns Hopkins

As my daughter will be going to college in Baltimore next year - we are
looking for an endo at preferably at Johns Hopkins - We are thinking of
moving to one who deals with adults and, of course, one who is pump
friendly.  Also - if possible - one who understands diabetes & athletes -
as she will be running cross country & track in college.  (The only endo
on the IP listing specializes in pediatrics.)   Liz B.

I will also be starting college next year.  My college is about 5-6 hours from home by car and is in an area where I believe roads become VERY snowy and there will be no train that I can take home.  I will not have a car, but will probably be driven back and forth by my parents.  
Until now I had been planning on going to my old pediatric endo when I come home to visit (this should not be much of a problem as I only go at most every 6 months).  They have told me that I can quite reasonably continue to go to their practice through such time as I might have children of my own.  
I am now wondering however, how many people who are in college or away from home for an extended period of time visit an endocrinologist in the area of their college?  Also at 17 should I be thinking about finding an adult endo (I will be switching from a pediatric to an adult general doctor in the next few months)?  Is there much difference in the things that adult and pediatric endocrinologists are concerned with?

sorry this was so long
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