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[IP] anti-insulin antibodies-help

When Eve(15) was in the hospital in Dec., in DKA, her endo had some tests
run and one of them was to check for anti-insulin antibody. Well. Eve went
for her 3-month check up today and her endo informed us that she has I think
she called it anti-insulin antibodies. This is where Eve has a 19% reaction
to human insulin and 13% reaction to pork insulin, and a 13% to beef
insulin. We were told that normal is 3%. She went on to say something about
this might have something to do with why Eves bg numbers are sometimes all
over the place. WellI think this is right. I really need help here.

If any of the doctors or anyone else here could provide me with more
information or a place where I could found out more about this, I would
really appreciate it.

Deborah mom to Eve 15.5 and her pump
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99
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