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RE: [IP] weird food advice( I mean weird)

HI Summer,
Sounds like a fantastic opportunity for you and the girls being in that
environment and having a wonderful experience such as that.

As for eating corn and greasy foods, etc., perhaps you might want to dual
wave your boluses to offset any fats that might crop up later on to mess up
your b.g.?  That and you can test every two hours or so to see how your b.g.
are doing.

Remember not to do correction boluses if you are doing dual wave otherwise
you will go too low.

Also, remember if you will be doing a lot of walking, that will be exercise
which will lower your b.g.

Remember my G.S. Camping Days with my girl scouts and I always managed to
crash when we had to hike to and from here and there at G.S. Camp...(pre

This is just my opinion and have fun.

Kathy b.
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