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Re: [IP] Adhesive Remover

Uni-solve wipes are available all over the place on the internet for far
cheaper than $26 a box.   I've ordered them from other places before, but
can't recal the name off the top of my head.

I found a pharmacy that has an online store in Ohio that has them for 
$8.61 a box.  <http://www.hocks.com/skinpreps/skinpreps_2.html>  

$11.99 a box @ <http://www.oucmedical.com/products/ostomy/pg112a.html>

$13.50 a box @ <http://www.21stcenturymedical.com/unadrem.html>

$12.38 a box @ <http://www.medsupplyco.com/Adhesive_Removers.shtml>

$11.18 a box @ <http://www.homehealthwares.com/catalog.asp?catid=3&start=1120>

I've actually ordered from this last place and they're site is easy to work
with and they ship quickly and have low shipping fees (about $5).

I don't work for any of these places and don't intend to advertise for them,
but use them to avoid paying $26 a box.


--- Mark Fielden <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Can someone recommend a good product to remove the adhesive residue after a
> infusion set is removed?  The medical supply house gave me some samples of
> wipes, however, insurance does not cover them and they are $26 for abox of
> 50.  A little too expensive for me!

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