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Re: [IP] Odds

Dear Anita,

Have no idea what the odds are for gestational diabetics becoming type1 type
2's are far more common.
 I must have have been just plain unlucky.

1st preg  blood sugars went up immediately got to 26wks then had b.d.
insulin in minute doses C/S delivery @ 39.2 wks Male apgars 10 and 10  wt
7lbs 4 1/2 ounces.Fully breast fed home with me day 6 gaining wt. Stopped
insulin Had a Honeymoon period of 8 months then bang classical S&S of Type 1

2nd preg nightmare polyhydramnios plus noctural hypos in hosp repiratory
arrest punched Honary Physican in face what an embarrassment he was such a
nice man and I had worked in the same hosp for years. He forgave me tho' .
C/S del @
34 wks for fetal distress true knot in cord only ever seen 2 more Male
apgars 8 and 10 required S.B.U. for 6 weeks.

3rd preg  not as bad tho' hospitalized to my work place first day of
maternity leave C/S @ 35.4wks. Male 8lbs 12 ounces apgars 8 and 10 home
15/11 fully breast fed.

Having said all this My Mum was Type 1 and my only brother Type 1 as well.
Yet the only family history of the disease was on my Dad's side his Grandma
Type 2 and a first cousin Type 1
Figure that lot out if you can.

Best Wishes
Joann in Oz

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