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[IP] re thigh sites and GD

I have tried using my thighs twice and it hurt like H E double hockey
sticks! I am not thin but can't pinch up a fold of skin there. I tried the
quick sets, didn't work either. Perhaps it is because I had so many needles
there when I was pregnant, even though that was 25 and 23 years ago. G
diabetes both times, only 10 units of lente a day, imagine that. At least 70
units now. Type 1 when youngest was 2 years old. I was very fortunate when I
developed an allergy to the insulin and had a terrible case of hives,
perhaps from taking it and then not 2 times, because they came out with the
human kind at that time. Humalog would sometimes leave great big welts, but
knock on wood, switching to Novalog has worked well so far. Both children
over 9 pounds, neither with diabetes, but the oldest would always have
hypoglycemia when he ate sweets.
Susan, suffering through a cold snap on Atlantic time.
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