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Re: Thigh Sites, Nerve For Them![IP] Re: Advice on Sofset vs. Quick Set...Ple...

I just started using the sides of my thighs after reading about Syl/Joshuas
success with them and have been extremely pleased with the results.   No
problems/discomfort (other than it being a bit more difficult to insert in just

the right spot for me).   As I practice more, it will be easier to locate
the right site spots.

They aren't lasting longer for me, but more sites to rotate through is a good
thing.  =)

--- email @ redacted wrote:
>  Spot said:
> ......Never put a site in on the side of your thigh. It hurts and when you 
> walk it 
> pulls with each step. The midline however is ideal, ......
> Sorry Spot I have to totally disagree with this.  Joshua, who is only 11 and 
> VERY skinny is only using the outer side of his thigh for thigh sites.  He 
> has no pain, no pulling and gets the BEST BG results from these sites.  And 
> they generally will last a good 5-7 days with great results on the last day 
> too!

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