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[IP] Celiac screening

I had the ole tub thing back in the days of not even
putting you out for it.  Would not suggest it to
anyone?  Another one was done putting me out and it
was much easier.
You really should get the blood tests.  They are a
screening and tell you if you need the biopsy done. 
Every once in awhile they have free screening for
relatives of celiacs.  I took my children to one in
Philly many years ago.  If I hear of any I will post
it to this list.

>Did you gals have to have the ole tube down the
>too, or was diagnosis
>made by blood test alone?  My Mom has celiac, sister 
>and I are both Type I
>diabetics.  I am not having symptoms of Celiac, but 
>sure do get a churning
>stomach a lot.  I don't want the tube thing!

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