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Re: [IP] Questions from Doctors visit

--- Jimm Lubenow <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Hey fellow pumpers...
> I went to my endo today and my A1c is down to 8.0.
> (Good for me since
> Ive been having problems lately) Im sure the next
> one is going to be sub
> 7's.
> The question I have is my endo has changed me from
> Humolog to Novolog
> and Im wondering what the difference has been from
> those who have made
> this change. Any comments would be appreciated.
> Thanks in advance
............For me Novolog has advantages and
1. can go 4-5 days with no elevated BS vs 3 days with
Humalog. No itchy sites anymore.
2. Using 1/3 less insulin (went from approx, 30units
to 20,
3. BS seem to be more stable (averages dropped 10-20
1. Novolog doesn't seem to cover after breakfast highs
(waking BS are great,  basals seem to be okay,
increase bolus result in lows later,--- but after
breakfast can't seem to stay out of the
200'around#39;m getting aroung this by bolusing and
eating a 1/2 hour later.
2. High BS in general don't respond to novolog like
humalog (once up there it takes a longer time to get
back in good range). Use an injection of Humalog to
get down faster.


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