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Re: [IP] Re: bagels are a bummer....and inconsistent morning BS

> Post-p breakfast readings are
> usually all over the place for me, with very little
> consistency.  
  The same bolus on two
> consecutive days can
> > yield dramatically different postprandial numbers.
Thanks, I see I'm not alone on this one. I too have
problems with morning BG reading after breakfast.
Fasting I'm great but eat and it's a toss up. 
One thing that seems to help is taking my
insulin(Novolog) 1/2 hour before I eat. I don't have
to do this for other meals just breakfast. This
morning I had to leave early, bolused, ate usual
breakfast and sure enough --258 --2 hours later.
Waiting to eat doesn't always work but it seems to
help some of the time.meg

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