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Re: [IP] re: GD and heredity

>This is VERY interesting to me since I had GD while pregnant with Lauren
>(she weighed 12lbs, 12 oz!) and now she is Type 1. I've asked that question
>a million times and always been told 'No, no connection at all." I'd LOVE To
>find the study. BTW, I probably was GD with my first too, but I was never
>tested. she weighed 10lbs, 10 oz! But she does not have Type 1, thanks
>GOODNESS. Anyway, do you know of a place to find that study?

Yeah me too! i weighed almost 12 pounds! My poor mom. During the 50's they 
didn't really know enough about diabetes and they never had her do anything 
for it.  I would also love to find that study again. I think it was an 
issue of Lancet or New England Journal of Medicine and it would have been 
some time in the 80s. Like Between 1985 - 1989. I think I've search for it 
before and couldn't find it.  I also wonder if Joslin has a library of 
their research studies.

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