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Re: [IP] Odds

>You know what I wonder?  What are the chances of a formerly gestational
>diabetic woman becoming type 1?  Did that happen to anyone else on this
>list?  I had my kids at ages 30 and 32, then wasn't diagnosed with
>diabetes until age 36.  I've "met" a couple of women online who were gd
>then became type 1 later.  Doctors know what they learn in school or read
>in books, I'm wondering about real life.

 From what I understand, gestational diabetes is more like type 1 than type 
2 so it would make sense that a woman who had gestational could turn type 
1. Years ago I corresponded with a doctor who sent me a research paper from 
one of the medical journals. The paper said that one of the things that 
causes gestational diabetes is a pregnant woman's lack of vitamin b6.  B6 
is needed to metabolize tryptophan and often pregnant women do not have 
enough of it in their bodies. When trypophan is partially metabolized, it 
makes some sort of acid. (with a long name beginning with x) The acid binds 
to insulin rendering it ineffective. The body puts out more and more. When 
they loaded their test subjects with b6, the diabetes went away. It is also 
why they tell pregnant woman to avoid coffee and tea, etc. for the length 
of their pregnancy because caffeine flushes a lot of the water soluble 
vitamins from the body, especial the B vitamins.

I looked into this because I was taking trypotphan to help me sleep. I 
didn't know you had to take b6 with it. I was diagnosed with type 1 shortly 
after I started taking it. And I might have been prone to it anyway but it 
definitely happened in relation to the trypotphan. 
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