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Re: [IP] Re: bagels are a bummer....

Wouldn't it be great if bagels were the only thing that caused this sort of
morning reaction?

My morning constists of a cup of coffee and a container of yogurt (5g carbos). 
I usually wake up on the low-normal side (55-90) which is normal for me, and
take the same amount of insulin every morning.   Post-p breakfast readings are
usually all over the place for me, with very little consistency.  Yesterday
I went from 49 to 219 with only yogurt in me and 7u of insulin. Today I'm
flat on glucose change from breakfast to post-p. (46 to 64 and still nibbling

Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed, let alone eat.  =)

--- Barbara Pancari <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I love bagels and eat one every morning for breakfast.  I use only Sara Lee
> bagels, the same flavor, so they're all the same size and carb count.  I've
> been eating this breakfast for the last year and a half, and STILL I get no
> consistency in my numbers.  The same bolus on two consecutive days can
> yield dramatically different postprandial numbers.  One day I can be 325
> pp, and the next be only 120 pp, and usually somewhere in the middle  (all
> other things being the same, such as my number upon wakeup, morning
> activity, etc.). So you see that increasing or decreasing the bolus
> wouldn't work.

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