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[IP] Re: bagels are a bummer....

Hi, all -

I've been reading the posts about dosing for bagels with some degree of
amusement, since the "rules" never seem to work for me.

I love bagels and eat one every morning for breakfast.  I use only Sara Lee
bagels, the same flavor, so they're all the same size and carb count.  I've
been eating this breakfast for the last year and a half, and STILL I get no
consistency in my numbers.  The same bolus on two consecutive days can
yield dramatically different postprandial numbers.  One day I can be 325
pp, and the next be only 120 pp, and usually somewhere in the middle  (all
other things being the same, such as my number upon wakeup, morning
activity, etc.). So you see that increasing or decreasing the bolus
wouldn't work.

Since eating my bagel and drinking my coffee in the morning is a great
pleasure, I just do the best I can and correct either the high or the low,
whichever I get for the day.  Oh, and sometimes it's also just right....
but not too often.

Yes, ideally if you eat the same thing day after day you learn to bolus
correctly, but I seem to have a particularly nasty "golem" in my bagels.  :
< ))

Regards to all,
who will not give them up
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