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Thigh Sites, Nerve For Them![IP] Re: Advice on Sofset vs. Quick Set...Please

I have yet to work up the nerve for a thigh site.

As far as reconnecting, I know what you mean, but with practice it 
becomes very
easy. I also find it easier to reconnect when it's in my hip vs. my 
abdomen.  Somehow 
it's more secure there.  Awhile back, someone else on the list 
suggested inserting a 
Quick Set into a pillow and practicing until you get the feel for it, 
which I thought was 
When you do thigh sites keep in mind the fewist nerves are in the 
midline, the area where the right and left sides meet. This means when 
sitting, the center of the top of your thigh. this area also moves the 
least when walking. Never 
put a site in on the side of your thigh. It hurts and when you walk it 
pulls with each step. The midline however is ideal, especially with 
sils.you can look like all the woman with bare tummies site is 
invisable unless you wear really tight legged pants then the sil 
outline may be sl. observed spot (tried all of them, looked at an 
anatomy book.)rib sites are good too
P.S. Never insert needles of any kind below the knee if you have had 
diabeasties for more than 15 years.

A L Bender. M, D.
email @ redacted
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