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RE: [IP] Type 2 and pumping?

Hi Summer,
I'm a 50 year old male, type 2. Diagnosed 13 or 14 years ago and put on oral
meds. These worked for about 12 months and then BGs started edging up again.
Started Humulin UL , one shot per day, this lasted about a year.Being a type
2 ( insulin resistant) my insulin needs started outstripping my bodies
ability to create it. Added humalog injections with each meal. Over the next
few years doses went up, never down, changed insulin to Novolog as I had an
insulin pen that would use the novolog cartridges and it was more
Started trialling a pump on 21-nov-02. Still taking metformin, an oral med.
My body still makes insulin but not enough to overcome my own bodies
resistance but injected insulin needs have halved. I have basal rates
varying between 0.9 and 3.7 units per hour and I bolus 1 unit per 5 grams of
Carb. I no longer have a first phase insulin response but I do have a second
phase response( very unlikely that I will ever go into DKA)  I hope this
answers some of your questions.
Pumping is great.

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Just curious as to how having type 2 effects pumping?  When you start
pumping( or shots) does you body stop making its own insulin?  Or does it
still make some so you use less on a pump?   Do you still have to take pills
to help the insulin work?  Do you still have a normal basal and bolus?

I can't see how this would work, just wondering, my Gramma and Aunt have
type 2 ( neither would ever get a pump) but I just can't see how it would

OR is it that you get the pump when your body eventually stops making
insulin, but then you'd become a type 1 wouldn't you??

Ohh I donno

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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