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Re: [IP] Odds

 I just met a woman who was gd during her first pregnancy and now is 
type 1.  Her brother was also a type 1 and died at 25 of complications. 
When she was diagnosed, she was determined to educate herself and do a 
good job of taking care of herself. I'm wondering if pregnancy triggered 
her type 1 and maybe it wasn't gd after all.

Her daughter, who does not have diabetes, is becoming really good 
friends with my daughter who does have type 1. They play together on the 
high school soccer team. I am so thrilled that Jenny will be able to 
spend the night at someone's house without me needing to give a training 
session on identifying and treating lows. Jenny, 14, isn't thrilled, of 
course, about me getting too involved with her friends and she is going 
through a spell of not wanting everyone to know she has diabetes. This 
is friendship is making me very happy.

Anyway, this mom seems really knowledgeable and responsible. She is on 
injections and had never even seen a pump. I spent most of the last 
soccer game showing her Jenny's pump instead of watching the game, but I 
think we have another convert.


>You know what I wonder?  What are the chances of a formerly gestational
>diabetic woman becoming type 1?  Did that happen to anyone else on this
>list?  I had my kids at ages 30 and 32, then wasn't diagnosed with
>diabetes until age 36.  I've "met" a couple of women online who were gd
>then became type 1 later.  Doctors know what they learn in school or read
>in books, I'm wondering about real life.
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