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[IP] Banting and London, Ont.

And, to add to that, I live in the wonderful city of London, Ontario so
if you do come to town, I'll give you a personal tour! I like to think
we'll come full circle and discover a cure right here and I'll be the
first in line to get it.Sara Molyneaux >I might add, that if any of you
are ever near London, Ontario, a visit to the
>Banting museum is quite worthwhile.  It is located in the house where he
>lived early in his career, and where he dreamed about his research
>at night.  It was a student rental house for a number of years before
>made into a museum--I wondered what it must have been like for some of
>university students to know they slept in the same room where Banting
>thought of the idea of extracting insulin!

>Barbara, Mum of Claire 8


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