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Re: [IP] An unlikely hero--short history of Banting

Thanks for posting that story.

It reminds me of a children's book I read about Banting and Best and their
discovery in my teen years.  My sister had checked it out of the library,
her interest peaked because it was about insulin, the stuff that allowed me
to live.  (I was diagnosed at fourteen.)

She read the book, and then I did  I remember they used a lot of dogs.
First they discovered the correlation between the pancreas and diabetes.
Then, when they figured out it was insulin that solved the problem, they
learned through a dog's subsequent death that it wasn't a cure.  It had to
be administered over and over.

I remember being so grateful that I got diabetes when I did.  I was
diagnosed in 1985, and was told by the CDE in the hospital that, "If you
have to get diabetes, 1985 is the year to get it."  Naturally, getting it
later on, I'm sure, has its benefits, but with the advent of home blood
sugar testing, human insulins, etc., it was a far better time than the many
years before.

I was thinking it might be worth it to look for a book about them geared
more for adults.  It would be interesting.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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