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[IP] Re: Question for Paradigm users 1.8c???,


I have a new Paradigm (v 1.8c), and I've upgraded from an MM 507C. It
appears that my Basals & Boluses that worked so well for years on the 507C
needs some tweaking. I'm higher consistently than I was. I'm using the same
insulin:  Humalog, and I simply moved all my old settings over. I was
thinking about moving to Novalog (sp?) that others seem to be using
successfully, but haven't done it yet. (These consistent high readings would
make more sense if there was a difference). Maybe there IS something
different about the Paradigm. I used the MM507C for 5 years, with very
successful BG's for at least the last three.

Has anyone else seen a difference with basal & bolus settings with the
Paradigm as opposed to other MM pumps?

Does anyone from Minimed read these postings?

Ernie Garcia
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