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Re: [IP] Odds

Years ago I read a study from Joslin in Boston that said a woman
who has gestational diabetes while pregnant is likely to become
a type 2 later in life and that the baby has a higher chance of becoming
type 1.

The baby was likely to be very heavy at birth because he is being fed a 
high glucose
blood from the mother and that his pancreas would be affected.

All of this was significant to me because my mom had GD while pregnant
became  a type 2 later in life; and I am a type 1.

Have there been other studies that disprove this?

You know what I wonder?  What are the chances of a formerly gestational
diabetic woman becoming type 1?  Did that happen to anyone else on this
list?  I had my kids at ages 30 and 32, then wasn't diagnosed with
diabetes until age 36.  I've "met" a couple of women online who were gd
then became type 1 later.  Doctors know what they learn in school or read
in books, I'm wondering about real life.


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