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[IP] Re: What to carry with you

> <<Lily carries BG meter, strips, glucose and a small syringe.
> She has dealt with these issues.
> 1) running out of insulin in pump.
> Draws air into the pump syringe, replaces in pump and continues as 
> the air pushes the insulin in the tube for another 20u worth (half a 
> day at least)
> 2) set failure
> Draws insulin from leur lock of syringe, or from tubing fitting  and 
> injects as necessary. ~10-20u in syringe, even if empty and 20u in 
> tube.>>

We'll have to "practice" this.  If he can get insulin this way, perhaps we 
could avoid carrying insulin with us on our "running around town" outings. 
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