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[IP] Re: What to carry with you

 We carry individually wrapped ketone strips because Cory is very suspectible 
to ketones.  When he has ketones, he has been instructed to first take an 
INJECTION - you know that old thing you used to do prepump?  So that means he 
needs to have syringes with him.  AFTER the injection, he can begin to 
trouble shoot the pump and he was trained to change his infusion set at this 
time.  Also, if he has 2 unexplained highs in a row, he is to change his 
infusion set.  So I had better have infusion sets with me - just in case.  
Also, he has been known to accidentally pull one out or to have one slip off. 
 Who wants to run back home everytime this happens?  Possibly, we could get 
by without pump batteries but his are the cell type and I can put them inside 
his test kit.  We get them from MInimed and our insurance pays for them.  
They are rather expensive, so I'd rather carry them than to have to pay for 
them or even worse try to find the right type in an emergency.  There have 
been times when traffic has been stopped on the freeway here for at least 5 
hours.  Two hours is probably not at all uncommon around here when there is a 
major accident.  We were involved in an accident shortly before Cory was dx'd 
and although one lane of the freeway opened back up in about an hour, we 
couldn't leave until all the reports were done.  Wouldn't it be horrible to 
be in a situation like this and not have supplies if you needed them?  If 
your pump stops working and you are on humalog, you are going to need insulin 
in 2 hours.  It isn't that much troube for me to just keep a very small 
thermal lunch bag by the back door with all the supplies, including snacks, 
and then toss in the insulin and ice pack when I am ready to leave.  The bag 
is always already prepared.  If I use something out of it, I refill it as 
soon as I get home.  That bag doesn't go in the store with me but I would try 
to take it into a stadium.  I carry glucagon, sugar source, infusion sets, 
and a few other goodies, in my purse and if I couldn't take my little bag 
into a stadium, I would put the insulin and syringes in my purse.  Cory has a 
test kit and some sugar in his pockets. I know this sounds like a lot to 
carry, but they say the Boy Scout motto is Be Prepared.  Hopefully, I am. and 
really it doesn't take much room for these supplies.  
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