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Re: [IP] Questions from Doctors visit

>I tried 1 vial of it, and may go on it when I see my endo in 
>Feb(need a prescription) anyways I found no difference between the 2 
>I get 3 days out of Humalog and got 3 out of Novalog, many get more 
>out of novalog though, I just havn't tried more then 3 yet.  I was 
>1u for 15c on both and I think my sugars were the sameish.
>Its definatly a YMMV thing, I waskinda nervous about trying it but it was fine
>Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
>Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
>  > Hey fellow pumpers...
>  > The question I have is my endo has changed me from Humolog to Novolog
>>  and Im wondering what the difference has been from those who have made
>  > this change. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
>  > Jimm Lubenow

Prior to Novolog I would get one, maybe one and a half days out of a 
site using Humalog.  I started mixing Humalog and Velosulin and 
sometimes I was able to get more than 2-1/2 days, sometimes not 
:>(        Since changing to Novolog I have not had site problems to 
speak of (everyone will always have a problem every now and then) 
But the days of sites being itchy, red, inflamed and otherwise just 
going dead have ended.  The change to Novolog was fairly easy.   I 
did make a change of being more aggressive with my Bgs, and it shows 
in my A1c and I haven't had the lows like I had on Humalog.  To me 
the action is just smoother, not as harsh.   Of course YMMV.

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