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Re: [IP] Questions from Doctors visit

I tried 1 vial of it, and may go on it when I see my endo in Feb(need a prescription) anyways I found no difference between the 2  I get 3 days out of Humalog and got 3 out of Novalog, many get more out of novalog though, I just havn't tried more then 3 yet.  I was 1u for 15c on both and I think my sugars were the sameish.

Its definatly a YMMV thing, I waskinda nervous about trying it but it was fine

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> Hey fellow pumpers...
> I went to my endo today and my A1c is down to 8.0. (Good for me since
> Ive been having problems lately) Im sure the next one is going to 
> be sub
> 7's.
> The question I have is my endo has changed me from Humolog to Novolog
> and Im wondering what the difference has been from those who have made
> this change. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
> Jimm Lubenow
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> My niece has a question concerning the Freestyle meter. On a Diabetes
> list
> where she is a  participant there is a rumor that Johnson and Johnson
> have
> bought out Therasense. They plan to revamp the Freestyle meter and
> discontinue
> manufacturing the strips for the current one that is on the 
> market. I
> have not
> heard this before and wondered if anyone on this list has information
> confirming or refuting this information.
> Seems a rather silly marketing strategy to possibly eliminate 
> those many
> current Freestyle owners who are buying lots of expensive strips every
> month.
> In the process the current owners may not buy the new and improved
> Freestyle
> and go to an alternate brand.
> Silly but true or just a rumor?
> Pam, mom to Sara
> Hi Sara,
> TheraSense has been looking for a partnership/alliance because 
> they have
> had tremendous financial problems. If you can offer additional
> information, I can do some further checking to substantiate this. It
> sounds like it is plausible, but I need to check further.
> Denise
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