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[IP] Questions from Doctors visit

Hey fellow pumpers...
I went to my endo today and my A1c is down to 8.0. (Good for me since
Ive been having problems lately) Im sure the next one is going to be sub
The question I have is my endo has changed me from Humolog to Novolog
and Im wondering what the difference has been from those who have made
this change. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Jimm Lubenow

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My niece has a question concerning the Freestyle meter. On a Diabetes
where she is a  participant there is a rumor that Johnson and Johnson
bought out Therasense. They plan to revamp the Freestyle meter and
manufacturing the strips for the current one that is on the market. I
have not
heard this before and wondered if anyone on this list has information
confirming or refuting this information.
Seems a rather silly marketing strategy to possibly eliminate those many
current Freestyle owners who are buying lots of expensive strips every
In the process the current owners may not buy the new and improved
and go to an alternate brand.
Silly but true or just a rumor?
Pam, mom to Sara

Hi Sara,

TheraSense has been looking for a partnership/alliance because they have
had tremendous financial problems. If you can offer additional
information, I can do some further checking to substantiate this. It
sounds like it is plausible, but I need to check further.

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