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[IP] RE: Great Service (was:3rd Paradigm in 6 months)

Hi all,

Sarah, this probably won't be very helpful to you, but your post reminded me
that I really should post my experience with MiniMed recently.  About two
months ago I got a low battery alarm in my Paradigm (I'd been using it with no
problem since August).  I changed the battery and lost all of my settings and
needed to reprogram.  No "E21" alarm though.  Then, right before Christmas, I
changed the battery again and got that infamous E21 alarm and had to reprogram
again.  This time I was really mad though, because I was in the middle of
shopping (NEVER mess with my shopping time!  ;) and I had just cleaned out my
pump kit and couldn't find where I have my basals written. (Note to "what do
you carry" poster:  I usually always have my basal rates with me.)  So I set a
temporary rate, finished shopping, and had to rush to reprogram, shower,
change, and get all ready to go out to a party.  So I called MiniMed and was
in "that mood".  You know the one - where you're calling a store or company
and you've got your fists clenched and you're soooo ready for a fight?

Well, long story short, I explained the situation to the representative on the
phone and she said that since it was my second error, she would send a new one
out overnight.  She even apologized.  I received it as promised the next day
at my office and this one has been working beautifully ever since.  It is
version 1.8c.  The time it took for me to get a representative on the phone
and get a new one sent out was probably under 3 minutes.  I was so pleased.
So, they may be having difficulties with certain Paradigm versions, but they
are indeed well aware of them.  I have to say that I, for one, have been very
happy with the service I received.

Just my .02,

email @ redacted
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 15:59:19 -0600
From: "Sarah Easter" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] I'm on my 3rd Paradigm in 6 months..

I beleive my first was v1.6, the second v1.7, and this current one is
v2.0.  Hopefully I won't continue to have problems with this one!

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