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[IP] Filling cartridges

From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Re: filling cartridges(paradigm)


> I don't know what everyone elses look like but I would assume the air is in
there so you put it in > the vial without having to draw up outside

> (*) I don't draw the plunger up and down a few time first either, my trainer
told me NOT to, that >just draws up germs

>I suppose if you reuse them over and over you'd need to though.

(*) Summer,  most, if not all, trainers (CDEs) would tell you that it is more
important to move the plunger (in a twisting motion) up and down the reservoir
(typically two or three times) to uniformly spread the silicone lubricant than
it is to worry about the infinitesimal amount of bacteria in room air entering
the reservoir. Even if some were to enter the reservoir, during this
procedure, they would be killed by the cresol/phenol that is in all insulins.
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