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[IP] Some odds and ends

Hi guys,
I am in the middle of Spring Cleaning 1996 (hee hee hee) and of course
finally got around to digging through my supply drawer.  I have a few odds
and ends that I would be willing to send people if they are interested.  I

Qty 1 - On-Trac Log Book  (Published by Torrey Pines)
Qty 2 - My Other Check Book (Published by Torrey Pines)
Qty 1 - Black Zipper Pouch for One Touch Fastake or Ultra  (Came with

One of the 'My Other Check Books' has one page filled out.  The other two
books are pristine.  I found a different logbook system I find fits me
better.  I also don't use the cases that come with the meters so I dont'
need the black case that I have.

Let me know if you are interested or have questions,
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